Face wrinkles Cause, Creams, Coconut oil, Exercises and Treatments to Remove Wrinkles on Face

Are you looking to banish wrinkles from your face? Are you worried about getting face wrinkles? Are you wondering how you can reduce face creases and  fine lines on your face? Read on for tips on preventing and clearing wrinkles from your face completely.

Face wrinklesMeaning and Causes

It is inevitable that we age and unfortunately, one of the first places our aging is evidenced is on one of themost visible parts of our bodies, in the form of face wrinkles. They are the result of the skin on the face losing elasticity and sagging. In a nutshell, wrinkles are a sign of accumulated skin damage. We see this sagging as wrinkles on the face, fine lines on the face and or creases on various parts of our faces.

While getting along on the age front has a lot to do with it, wrinkles on ones face do not always mean one is aging. There are several other reasons wrinkles are appearing on your face.

Over active facial expressions, like frowning and scowling and smiling might leave wrinkles and lines around the areas of the moving muscle. You must have heard of laugh lines which are wrinkles that may appear on the face when a personsmiles or laughs. For the most part, we may find them adorable but over time they may sink into deep lines that are not that pleasing to look at.

Friction on the face when once is sleeping has been said to cause face wrinkles in the long run. A dermatologist can tell on which side you sleep on just by looking at the wrinkle pattern on your face. The wrinkles are likely to be more prominent on the side of the face you lay often on the pillow or bed.

The skin on your face can also wrinkle as a result of damage from excess exposure to the sun. You may want to review your diet too as poor nutrition is known to also cause ones skin to age faster and more wrinkles appearing on your face. Excessive use of sugar and tobacco forms compounds that make the collagen in your skin give up. You see this as wrinkles on your face.

This means that your lifestyle choices could be giving you wrinkles on the face, even if you are relatively young.

Face Wrinkle Treatment

Since wrinkles are basically damage on the skin, the inner layer no less, how best to reduce or remove them depends on the extent of damage. Thankfully there are several options for treatment.

1. LaserTreatment for Face Wrinkles

This is a non-surgical option to smooth out or reduce wrinkles. It has been described as having very little recovery time, and to give very natural looking results compared to other procedures. One laser treatment will greatly reduce wrinkles even on the most damaged of skins. Here is a picture showing before and after laser treatment for facial wrinkles:

laser treatment for face wrinkles before and after picture

laser treatment for face wrinkles before and after picture

2. Non-Surgical Face Lift

As the name suggests, this is a face lift that is achieved without any surgery. Non-surgical facelifts involves directing micro currents to the parts of the face with wrinkles and toning them. It is good for you who wants to rejuvenate the skin on your face without actually going under a knife. Thermage is one of the more popular methods under  non-surgical facelifts but newer approaches to the procedure are also available. You can check with cosmetic surgeons in your area to find out what is available for non-surgical face wrinkles lift.

3. Vitamins

Vitamin E has been known to fight wrinkles on the face both internally and externally. A diet rich in vitamin E will ensure your skin gets the protection it needs to prevent further damage, especially from the sun. You can also ensure that the face cream or lotion you use contains vitamin E. Swallowing vitamin E capsules may also help, as will topical application of the contents of a punctured capsule directly on the skin.

Vitamin C also helps fight wrinkles on the face and enables the skin to repair itself as it supports the production of collage. Be sure to include foods rich in this vitamin in your diet if you are aiming for a wrinkle free face.

4. Acupuncture

If needles are your thing, or you are a holistic treatments buff, this treatment is for you. It is centuries old and is apparently how several generations of Asian women stopped wrinkles on their faces in their tracks all the while balancing their yin and yangs.

Acupuncture needles are placed at various points in the face which stimulates the body to create collagen right under the skin. It is the procedure of the moment, which means it is easier to access than ever before. Acupuncture treatment for face wrinkles is also referred to as cosmetic acupuncture. Review say it works best for fine lines or wrinkles on the face but can also significantly reduce deep wrinkles.

5. Face fillers

Fillers are mainly injectable wrinkle treatments aimed at the areas with wrinkles on the face. They are classified according to composition with the hyalurauonic ones being the most popular. Synthetic and collagen fillers are also frequently used. Face fillers cost much less than a full surgical facelift and will give results in but a few minutes of injection.

The results can last between 4- 12 months depending on the choice of filler. Juvederm which is a hyaluronic face filler gets sterling reviews on several sites as the most consistent of all face injections for wrinkles.

Best face cream for wrinkles

Many products on the market will promise to cure wrinkles and return you to your former wrinkle free glory, but you can be sure not all will deliver. The best face cream for wrinkles will have to be the one that packs moisturizing and repair agents in one products. Vitamin C on the ingredients lift is a good sign that the cream has some wrinkle fighting properties.

A good face cream for wrinklesdoes not have to be costly either. Some cheaper drug store creams have received very high ratings on reviews. You can do a quick search on any anti wrinkle or anti aging cream you intend to buy for your face. Reviews can be a good source of information on a cream’s effectiveness. There are also anti-wrinkle face creams suited for different skin types, say for instance sensitive or oily.

Some brands choose to create different products suited for varied ages or level of damage. This means you might find a different product is best for deepface wrinkles while another is targeted for those with fine wrinkles. There is also night and day wrinkle creams. These distinctions could help ensure you pick the best face cream and ultimately improve the chances of success in your wrinkle removal efforts.

According to mayoclinic.org, when buying any face cream for wrinkles, check for ingredient such as retinol, hydroxy acids. niacinamide, tea extracts, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C we have already mentioned

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Face with Home Remedies

If you are a DIY first kind of person, then you can also explore the following home remedies for face wrinkles.

Coconut oil for face wrinkles

The uses for this oil go beyond cooking; it can also help reduce face wrinkles by moisturizing the skin and restoring some of its elasticity. Apply extra virgin coconut oil on the face daily gently massaging it into the wrinkles for best results.

Face Tape

Face tape for wrinkles is the equivalent of a wig for a bad hair day. A quick fix which more or less hides the worst of it, pretty good results but you cannot wear it all the time. Also God forbid should anyone look under it!

Face tape pulls the skin on your face taut, reducing or eliminating all wrinkles temporarily, or rather, for the duration you are wearing the face tape. Think instant facelift. The tape is secured along your hairline and needs one to either wear their hair down or cleverly use a head scarf to conceal the tape.

FaceWash for Wrinkles

There are several anti aging, anti wrinkle, and or skin firming washes on the market. You can swap one of these for regular cleansers and  facial washes in your beauty regimen if you want to get rid of wrinkles on your face. A good face wash for face wrinkles should contain anti-oxidants and should also be moisturizing.

Natural Face Masks for Wrinkles

You can create a face mask for wrinkles from several ingredients in your kitchen. Honey can be applied on face asa mask. While its results are quite temporary, it is effective as a natural face wrinkle remover with each use.

After a honey mask, you will notice any wrinkles on your face are less pronounced. Honey can also be mixed with lemon or egg white and the mixture worn as a face mask to tighten skin and clear face wrinkles. Once the mask dries, rinse thoroughly and massage warm coconut oil onto the face.

You can also use Avocado ashome treatmentfor wrinkles on the face. The vitamin A in avocados is known to stimulate collagen production and the more collagen your skin produces the less wrinkles appear. It also has anti oxidants which fight skin damaging free radicals.

This properties makes avocado not just the most popular but also one of the best ways to get rid of face wrinkles. Try it by mashing a quarter of a ripe avocado to  a creamy consistency and applying on a clean face. Leave for 25 minutes and rinse off.

Yoga or face wrinkle exercises

Yes, yoga for face wrinkles is a thing. Compared to the contortions and stretches in mainstream yoga, face exercises designed to remove wrinkles may not seem much like one is even doing yoga. But they do help to eliminate wrinkles to some degree. Did I mention they are also very easy? See for yourself here


Lanolin which is really the sebum or if you like the natural skin oil of sheep penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and moisturizes it. It also prevents moisture from escaping by forming a barrier. Moisturized skin able to retain more water appears less wrinkled. You can use either pure lanolin for face wrinkles, or you can ensure you use lanolin enriched face creams.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a host of health benefits including fighting wrinkles by toning the skin. Use apple cider vinegar for wrinkles by diluting one part vinegar and our parts water and using this mixture as a toner in your daily beauty regimen. Do not rinse off.

How to Avoid Wrinkles on Face

While aging is inevitable, the appearance of wrinkles can be delayed, even avoided. Here are ways you can prevent face wrinkles.

Sleep On Your Back

Since one of the causes for wrinkles on the face has been named as friction with bedding while we sleep, it only makes sense to look for a way to ensure you do not subject your face to this. Do not sleep with your cheek pressed into the pillow. Instead, sleep on your back to avoid getting more than just a good rest when sleeping.

Avoid Sun Damage

Wear sunscreen and or ensure all your skin products also contain sunscreen. If possible avoid spending too much time out in the sun.

Quit Smoking

Tobacco and collagen do not co exist. Your choice, wrinkle free skin or your tobacco fix.

Drink Enough Water

Hydrated skin tends to be perkier, drink the recommended 8 glasses of water and then some.

Eat Wrinkle Fighting Foods

These are low in sugar, not refined and rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Let your diet repair your face, not damage it.

Sleep Enough

You  need to get enough rest for overall health. That you will also prevent wrinkles from forming on your face  is a bonus.

Use a Natural Moisturizer

Coconut oil and other light deep absorbing oils like Argan are great for keeping the skin supple, soft and moisturized and preventing face wrinkles.

Watch How You Wash

How do you wash your face to prevent face wrinkles? The answer is as simple as not washing your face too often as this strips its natural oils and a dry face is more susceptible to wrinkles. A mild or gentle wash is also safer in preserving your skins natural moisture while getting it clean.

It is true that your skin can wrinkle if you lose too much weigh too quickly. It is therefore important to be careful when choosing a weightloss method. Gradual weight loss is how best to avoid wrinkles on face when losing weight as the skin has enough time to retract.

Exercise often to tone your skin, and use  a moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple. Also drink a lot of water.

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