Dry Skin around Nose Causes, Piercing, Get Rid of Itchy Red Flaky Very Dry Skin Remedies

What causes dry skin around nose? In the following discussion you will learn how to get rid of dry skin on nose. We will also take you through how to treat dry skin around nose using various treatments. In the course, we shall bring to light some of the home remedies and what you are expected to do for very dry nose.

What causes dry skin around nose?

Dry nose skin conditions, bacterial or fungal infections and other causes are actually what causes dry skin around the nose. This is as follows.

Dry Skin around Nose

Dry Skin around Nose

1. Seborrheic Dermatitis – Red Dry Flaky White Skin

One of the conditions responsible for dry skin on nose is seborrheic dermatitis. Even though the exact cause is not well expounded, seborrhea, “often starts as dry white flakes in the eyebrows,” [www.drbaileyskincare.com] but can spread to the inside and around the nose. If you need to know you should be able to feel itchy red skin with greasy scales round the nose.

What are the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis? At inception, common symptoms include, formation of creases, red and itchy skin around your nose. These symptoms may be accompanied by a flaky white skin or yellowish brown skin.

Seborrheic Dermatitis treatment & Cream for Dry Skin on Nose

Seborrhoeic dermatitis can be controlled depending on specific area that has been affected.  It could be done away with if early signs are noted and attended to in time.

1.       Antifungal Creams

There are seborrhoeic dermatitis treatments for young babies below five years. Apply ketoconazole, or ciclopirox creams to fight fungal infections such as Malassezia yeast.

2.       Topical corticosteroids

Avoid prolonged use of corticosteroids, and replace with non-corticosteroid topical creams or topical calcineurin inhibitors such as Protopic or Elidel which have less side effects.

3.       Keratolytics

Apply Keratolytics for scale removal in dark skin around the nose. Apply salicylic acid, lactic acid or propylene glycol daily.

4.       Antibiotics

Try oral Itraconazole, tetracycline antibiotics if there are no changes in symptoms or if much resistance is offered. You may also consider to take (adults) phototherapy treatment after a consultation by a doctor.

2. Atopic Dermatitis

Secondly, like seborrheic, atopic dermatitis is often very itchy and also forms a dry irritated skin around nose. What are the symptoms of atopic dermatitis? Unlike seborrheic, scratching as the initial sign leads to inflammation.

After the infection occurs, tiny bumps may appear over the dry red skin around nose. These tiny bumps may form small blister-like things from which fluids slowly come out. After the blisters dry out, crusts are formed over the nose skin where infection occurs. However, the atopic dermatitis symptoms come and go over time, leading to a rash that comes and goes.

How can you get rid of atopic dermatitis? When the initial symptoms of atopic dermatitis have not yet flared up, you can get rid of atopic dermatitis before the condition gets worse:

  • You should bathe with lukewarm or warm water and medicated soap. After you have soaked your body for roughly 10 – 15 minutes, apply shampoo to soothe and remove soap residuals. (when taking bath avoid harsh chemical soaps which trigger rash or allergy)
  • Apply moisturizers to prevent dry skin.
  • Do not scratch your affected skin area to prevent dry and itchy skin.
  • Protect your baby’s tender skin from scrubbing by clothing him or her cotton socks or hand gloves to avoid scratching.
  • You should also cover rashes with bandage in order to minimize chances of scratching.

Now, if you continue scratching, “The skin will thicken to protect itself, a process dermatologists refer to as lichenification.” [www.livestrong.com]. This condition normally affects young children by 5yrs, occurring in more than one family member affects 10 percent to 20 percent of the world’s population,

3. Contact Dermatitis

Another cause of dry skin around your nose is contact dermatitis i.e. “contact dermatitis is a type of eczema that causes the skin to become red, blistered, dry, scaly and cracked” [nhs.uk].

If you have no idea what contact dermatitis is, it is simply the inflammation of the skin when it come in contact with an allergen or an irritant that comes 2 hours after coming in contact with an irritant and it can affect various body parts including your nose, hands or face.

To treat it, avoid allergens or irritants that cause and use moisturizers (emollients) to keep your skin moist, use tropical corticosteroids to relief symptoms cause by contact dermatitis and try oral corticosteroids if you have severe symptoms.

4. Dry Skin around Nose Piercing

Having a piercing can result to dry skin especially on the area around the piercing itself. This is common when the piercing is healing and exposing harsh weather conditions such as wind or cold, using harsh cleansers etc. can make it not only dry but also make it to crack.

If ignored it can make your piercing on the nose to look ugly and increase chances of infection. Use moisturizers twice daily to reduce dryness, avoid harsh soaps and cleansers (go for milder or natural cleansers), and avoid touching it with dirty hands.  Furthermore, follow the aftercare routing given by your piercing to avoid infection or scars.

At times, sea salt soaks might not end dryness or irritation around the piercing hole replace your soaks for bacitracin ointment.

Other Causes of Dry, Red or Flaky Skin around Nose

Apart from the causes discussed above there are also some human vices that may lead to you having dry eyes under your nose.


The reason is that alcohol contains chemicals that dehydrate. Heavy alcohol takers are on the high risk of getting dry skin even on the skin around the nose.

Smoking Cigarette/Tobacco

Besides alcohol, use of tobacco may lead to dryness in skin. Tobacco contains inhibitors like tar and nicotine that denies your skin of sufficient moisture. That is how your skin dries prematurely.

Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is a rash that normally form around the mouth.  How can you identify it? These are small red or pink lumpy spots which may appear on the chin, cheeks, and under the nose. However they are not acne.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Nose

Dry itchy skin around nose can be frustrating. Even though, there are some means you can use to relieve of the pain that make you suffer. These include creams, drugs and various drugs which are mostly prescribed by a medical doctor.


First of all there is a group of creams known as Antihistamines. Most of these antihistamines help to bring down inflammation.

Topical Immunomodulators

If you have an immune system disorder do not panic. “The FDA has approved two drugs known as topical immunomodulators (TIMs) for the treatment of mild-to-moderate eczema.” The drugs, Elidel and Protopic, are skin creams that work by altering the immune system response.

Use Good Quality pierce & Jewelry tools

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Home Remedies to Remove Dry Skin around Nose

The best home remedies for dry skin around your nose is keeping it always moisturized. Another important thing you must do is to stay away from triggering substances such as allergens, harsh chemicals, dry wind, high temperatures and try eliminate stressful environments.
The following are some of routines which can help you stay away from dryness and itching that elevates condition dry skin around your nose.

Apply Almond oil and Aloe Vera

Almond oil has a good moisturizing quality on your dry skin. If you want better results it is worth to mix a small amount of aloe Vera to remove itchy sensation and have a soothing effect.

Egg Yolk + Olive Oil Face Mask

This is another home trick that will solve your problem of dry skin around nose.

  • Break an egg and take the yolk. Mix it with few drops of olive oil.
  • Apply around your nose and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Wash off the ingredients and apply moisturizer e.g. fragrant-free body oil, afterwards.

Think of making a home-made, yogurt and cucumber as an alternative. It will moisturize your skin even that under the nose.

Prevent to Get Rid Of Dry Skin on Nose

How to prevent dry nose problems is not equal to treating dry nose on your skin. Isn’t it easier and cheaper preventing? You can try the following procedures.

Protective Sunscreen

if it forces you to be out in the sun ensure that you apply an appropriate sunscreen. However, it is recommended that you select non-alcohol one. Therefore go for Aloe Vera or Olive based sunscreen for dry nose.

Medicated Shampoo Cleaning

If you need to prevent dermatitis spreading from the scalp, wash using the medicated shampoo in the normal procedure. Below is a sample list.

  • Polytar,
  • Selsun Blue,
  • Exsel,
  • Tegrin medicated,
  • Denorex,
  • Zincon,
  • Neutrogena gel

What can I do for Very Dry Skin around Nose?

Dry nose skin inflames easily if slightly disturbed. So taking care of your irritated nose skin is by applying a cold compress to help protect the skin and avoid touching.

Hauschka’s Soothing Mask

If cold compression cannot bring the wanted results for constant flaky dry skin on nose, what next? One of the effective lotions is Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Mask. With Hauschka’s Soothing Mask you can bring life and vitality to your dry skin nose and rejuvenate it.

Rejuvenating Mask

Two, Rejuvenating Mask is another body lotion that deems good especially for dry flaky skin around nose. Besides soothing your skin nose, Rejuvenating Mask lotion helps in removing dry patches therefore refines and enlivens your skin.

The wonderful thing about these body products will be about their sparing use. You only require a small bit of it while applying them. Always remember to read all the directions of use carefully for better results.

Dry itchy skin around nose and mouth

If you always have a dry itchy skin on the nose it is either due to seborrheic or atopic dermatitis conditions that are causing dryness on your nose. Perioral dermatitis may be responsible for dry itchy skin around nose and mouth.

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