Itchy Palms at Night Causes and Relief

There is no doubt that the palms is one of the most sensitive part of the body and even so because of its frequent usage. However, it is common to have itchy palms at night and unfortunately, it has a way of making you uncomfortable as well as preventing you from performing certain active ties.

Itchy palms at night

Itchy palms at night

Itchy feet and hands may not be a disease truly speaking but could point to some undesirable disease conditions. To get rid of these conditions, it is important to understand why you are having itchy palms at night and then see how these could be treated.

Common Causes for Itchy Palms at night

There are about seven common causes of this condition of having itchy feet and hands as can be seen below.

1. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

It is important to note that the primary Biliary cirrhosis has the potential to cause skin itches. However, early indication of this problem would likely manifest by having itchy palms at night. Also note that how sever this may be would vary from person to person and the itches can also occur during the day. What causes the itchy feet and hands is attributed to the free bile acids that are present inside the blood stream.

2. Food Allergies

Itchy palms at night may also occur because of food allergies. It is absolutely possible for someone to develop some certain allergic reactions to different types of food like soy, milk, peanut, eggs etc. Note that food allergies may result to some systematic changes like skin changes. However, itchy feet and hands presents as early symptoms of food allergy.

3. Eczema

One major cause of itchy palms at night remains eczema even though it has many subtypes like the palmoplantar dermatisis or dyshidrosis. Besides, experiencing these itches mostly at night, it can also become sever during warm season. Atopic dermatitis which is also a subtype of eczema is often characterized by itchy, scaly and also red rashes. It is important to note that this condition is normally associated with histamine intolerance and allergy.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This type of condition has been attributed to too much typing and writing that has a lot to do with the hands and the fingers. It can be caused by median nerve compression in most cases. The most common signs of this disorder is the pains that is associated with itchy palms at night.

5. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

This is simply an autoimmune disorder. In this case, the body would kill the healthy cells that are present in the body. An example of symptoms associated with this condition includes redness of the palm. This condition could also cause rashes especially for people having itchy palms at night.

6. Diabetes

Sometimes, the first possible sign of diabetes is a skin problem and an example of this condition is the eruptive xanthomatosis, which can lead to itchy feet and hands. The issue is that this condition is normally presented due to uncontrolled diabetes and would likely go away as soon as a proper management of the disease takes place. Apart from that, it can cause itch on the buttocks and lead to small and yellow bumps on the skin.

7. Scabies

The human itch mile as it is fondly called remains the source of this condition. What normally happens is that this tiny bug digs into the skin top layer and lay eggs there and causing scabies. It is important to note that this condition normally spread in a crowded area with high potential for skin to skin contacts. However, it takes a long time to manifest as you cannot just get scabies from just a little hug or handshake. This leads to itchy feet and hands and it is most common in children. Other symptoms include sores, tiny blisters and scales as well as itchy palms at night.

Relieving Itchy Feet and Hands

The palm of your hands and sole of your feet can become a nightmare especially when the itchiness is too severe. At this point, it is always best to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. However, on your own, there are just some few things that can be done to get relieve from the discomfort of having itchy feet and hands.

1. Avoid Scratching

It is important to avoid scratching because it has the ability to cause further damage like a skin infection if care is not taken. Ensure that your nails are trimmed to a level that it keeps you away from scratching or you may even wear gloves in order to keep you or prevent you from scratching.

2. Hydrate Your Skin

One way to prevent or minimize the effect of itchy palms at night is to moisture the skin on your hands before going to bed. You can put a humidifier in your room to ensure air is moist and avoid the extreme temperatures that have the potential to dry out your skin.

3. Soak in Lukewarm Bath

You can soothe the skin by soaking in lukewarm water, which will decrease inflammation and soothe the itchy feet and hands. A colloidal oatmeal preparation could also be considered as it further help soothe the skin. When soaking in lukewarm water, it is important not to stay in the bathtub for anytime longer than 15 minutes as your skin could even get dried up causing more itching. Then rub lotion before skin dries up and ensure your hands are well oiled to avoid itchy palms at night.

4. Apply a Wet Compress

There should be a wet compress on your feet and hands as you go to bed at night. This will go a long way to relieve itchy palms at night and the inflammation associated with it.

5. Monitor Skin for Symptoms of Infections

Having itchy feet and hands may be a recipe to a higher infection like Cellulitis. Look out for symptoms like fever, pains, swelling, blisters and redness and consult your doctor right away for possible diagnosis and treatment.

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