Madonna Piercing Scar, Jewelry, Pictures, After Care & Pain

What is a Madonna piercing? What is the difference between Monroe and Madonna piercing? Learn more on the difference between Monroe and Madonna. Also, find out more on Madonna lip piercing scar and jewelry with pictures.

A Madonna lip piercing is the exact opposite of Monroe piercing. It is located just above the right side of the lip to mimic the famous Madonna beauty spot.

What is the difference between Monroe and Madonna piercing? Not much actually. The only difference is placement on different sides of the face. While the Madonna is worn on the right side, Monroes are done on the left side and are more common. If both piercings are done on one person and worn at the same time, they can be referred to as Madonna Monroe piercing. A double Madonna means two piercings done on the right upper side of the lip simultaneously.

Madonna lip piercing vs Monroe, which one looks better? Well, this depends with many things including, whether you have other types of facial piercings. I personally prefer a Monroe since it blends in easy with other types of piercings.

Madonna Piercing Pain

A Madonna is not as painful compared to the likes of nipple and cartilage piercings. It done with a small gauge stud and the piercing process is very fast that it feels like a pinch. However, swelling, infection and trauma can result in severe pain. For the first few days it is normal to feel sore and tender. To reduce pain and tenderness:

  • Chew on small pieces of ice
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Do not forget the sea salt soaks
  • Avoid infection
  • Reduce trauma by speaking less, chewing food slowly and avoid oral sex.

Note that, it is possible to feel pain even after the piercing is completely healed. Protect the area from injury and trauma from accidental pulling and impact during physical activities such as contact sports.

Madonna Lip Piercing Aftercare

Madonna piercings are very prone to infections due to their proximity to the mouth making proper aftercare very important. This also helps to facilitate healthy and faster healing of the piercing.

  1. Always remember to wash your hands before and after touching the piercing for any reason
  2. Soak the piercing in sea salt solution at least two or three times daily for 5-10 minutes. For this kind of piercing, apply the solution using a clean gauze saturated in the saline solution. Rinse afterwards to remove any residue. You can replace or use with antimicrobial alcohol free mouth wash.
  3. Wash with mild, fragrance free liquid soap preferably an antimicrobial not more than twice a day. While taking a shower, lather a drop size of soap and gently clean the jewelry and the piercing. Do not leave the soap on for more than 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly to remove traces of soap from the piercing.
  5. Pat dry with a disposable paper towel and dispose appropriately after use.

Remember that cleaning should be done on both sides of the piercings. After anything other than ice or water in your mouth always rinse your mouth with clean water especially after eating, smoking or drinking.

Madonna Piercing Pictures

Madonna lip piercings are very beautiful and have a way of highlighting your facial features. Below is a gallery of Madonna lip piercings to show you the different ways you can wear this piercing.

Image 1- The famous Madonna beauty spot. She does not spot it nowadays creating speculations that the spot was fake

Image 1-Famous Madonna Beauty Spot

Image 1-Famous Madonna Beauty Spot

Image 2- Here is standard Madonna lip piercing.

Image 2-Madonna Piercing

Image 2-Madonna Piercing

Image 3- A Madonna Monroe is worn on both sides of the face

Image 3- Madonna Monroe Piercing

Image 3- Madonna Monroe Piercing

Image 4- A double Madonna

Image 4- Double madonna piercing

Image 4- Double madonna piercing

Image 5- Cute Madonna with a small stud

Image 5- Madonna piercing with a small stud

Image 5- Madonna piercing with a small stud

Image 6- How to wear a Madonna with a longer stud and blend it with other facial piercings

Image 6- Madonna piercing with a longer stud

Image 6- Madonna piercing with a longer stud

Madonna Piercing Jewelry

There is no difference between Monroe and Madonna piercing jewelry. This piercing is done with a small stud instead of a ring. These studs size done at 1.6mm or 1.2mm are usually worn with small threaded ball. The standard gauges are 16g and 14g at 5/16” and 3/8”.

Longer bars are used for initial piercing to accommodate for swelling and are changed later after the first phase of healing. It is rare to see someone wearing a ring on a Madonna or a Monroe. While you can also wear longer studs, the risk of snugging on clothes and damaging your gums and teeth is increased.

Madonna piercing jewelry are made with a flat piece that is meant to rest comfortably on the gum while the ball comes out on the outer part of the lip. This calls for cleaning both on the inside and outside part of the lip as this piercing is both oral and facial.

Note that any lip piercing jewelry can rub on your gum and teeth cause you irreversible damage. Check regularly for any signs of damage and have the piercing jewelry changed or removed before it is too late. To make the piercing less visible, wear silicone retainers or clear studs.

Madonna Piercing Scar

Do Madonna lip piercings leave a scar? Well, as much as I know, not all lip piercings leave a scar. Some like the Madonna are done with small gauge studs that the hole left is very small. Also depending on how old the piercing is, healing can occur and with time the scar will fade off to blend in with your skin tone. Someone has to look close enough to see the scar. There are however things you can do to help fade off the scar faster or remove the scar all together. More on how to make a lip piercing scar go away

Remember that whether your Madonna piercing forms an ugly scar or not depends on how you take care of it during the healing phase. Be sure to follow aftercare instructions given by your piercer. Do not play or snug on your jewelry before healing is complete.

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