Receding Hair Meaning and Treatments to Fix, Stop, Reverse or Regrow Hair

Do you have a problem of receding hairline? Let’s explore the meaning, how to stop or fix, hair transplant, treatment, prevention and ways to reverse receding hairline. At the end, you will know what to do about receding hairline.

What is a receding hairline? 

This is a refers to a case whereby one progressively losses hair around hairline due to age, genetic disorder, scalp diseases, poor health diet, excessive smoking of tobacco and other environmental factors such as stress. Frontal hair loss generally becomes an issue for mainly males even as early as in their early 20s.

Receding hairline is much more common in men but rarely found in women, including for those with pattern baldness. However, women with pattern baldness are likely to have thinning hair over their entire scalp, which are signs of receding hairline (not specifically on their hairline).

How to stop or fix a receding hairline

In case you already have a receding hairline, the following are methods on how to stop further receding hairline:

Proper diet

According to health nutritionists, they encourage people to go to nutritious and balance diet in order to combat this nightmare of receding hairline. They also advise people to go for foods that are of high substances of protein, minerals, carbohydrates and good fats in order to combat this nightmare of receding hairline.

Again, consuming foods of good vitamins function as supplement to the diet that are essential for regeneration and overall well-being. The body often reveals health issues early in hair follicles and fingernails.

Avoid too much hairstyling

A lot of hairstyling can expedite a receding hairline. Hairstyles such as ponytails and cornrows can ruin the hair shaft and hair follicles. Additionally, excessive amounts of combing or rubbing hair may facilitate a receding hairline.

Use procerin

These substances assist to combat receding hairline since it works to preclude DHT generation, and it reactivates your hair follicles and allows growth.

Frontal hair transplant

This is the most hair transplant cost-effective and efficient way to regrow a receding hairline and stop frontal hair falling out. A hair transplant procedure is conducted by using one-hair follicular unit hair grafts. In most cases, a doctor takes the one-hair grafts and implants them on your frontal hairline in an irregular or weaving pattern.

Apply minoxidil hairline

This the most effective way to deal with receding hairline within 48 weeks. Majority of men who experience receding hairline temples will notice the change once they start apply minoxidil hairline.

Receding hairline treatment with minoxidil before and after

Receding hairline treatment with minoxidil before and after

Reduce stress levels

According to health specialists, it is advisable to reduce any long term mental or emotional stress since they stimulates the body to produce stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine that are released during stressful times have been shown to alter the natural growth cycles of normal, healthy hair.

There are several steps to fix receding hairline:

Tip 1# apply minoxidil twice per day to your scalp and massage the scalp thoroughly since it will help to stimulate stem cell hair growth and reverse a receding hairline.

Tip 2# visit a medical specialist to be given Propecia drug that helps reduce amount of DHT in your body hence help to reverse hair loss.

Tip 3# if tropical creams and drugs have no positive impact, then go for hair transplant for receding hairline.

Hair transplant for receding hairline or regrow receding hairline

According to, receding hairline is something common to both men and women but in most occasion it affect men more serious than women due to the Y chromosome that is associated with this hair loss characteristic.

FUE receding hairline transplant before and after

FUE receding hairline transplant before and after

Several steps or procedures are undertaken to prove there is no disease associated with hair loss before hair transplant is undertaken. The hair transplant cost in men over 50 years is affordable than teens of 20s since they may experience full resolution of baldness with just one or two treatments than younger men.

During a hair transplant, a surgeon typically removes a strip of hair from the very back of a man’s head, relocating it to the front of the head where balding occurs.

Should you transplant or not, see the fact that expert warns against hair transplants for men in their 20s

Home treatment for receding hairline or Receding hairline cure remedies

If you want to try natural remedies to help deal with your receding hairline, there are so many remedies. Some of these natural remedies or home remedies include:

Castor Oil.

This is done by massaging your scalp deeply with castor oil to ensure it penetrates into the head then stimulating healthy stem cells of the hair follicles.

Massage the scalp using lavender oil.

Research shows that lavender essential oil massaged into the scalp three times a week was effective in growing new hair for male patients.

Your diet may help

Medical studies proves that excessive consumption of refined grain products & sugar can worsen hair loss. A healthy balanced diet is essential for the growth of healthy hair. Do your best to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds, whilst avoiding heavily processed foods.

Good stress management

Some researches confirmed that uncontrolled stress could worsen hair loss problem. Therefore, it is advisable to find the best way to deal or control your stress in daily life situation.

How to Prevent and Reverse a Receding Hairline

Hairline shedding or hair shedding can be prevented in the following ways and reverse the process if it does occur:

Open up the scalp pores

It is advisable to clear the pore of the scalp by washing and massaging to enhance proper blood circulation into the scalp that will in turn nourishes the hair follicles. If the pores are not clear, they might end up clogging with pollutants that will produce a layer of plaque that embeds itself into the scalp.

Increase consumption of specific amino acids

Keratin which is found in our nails and skin plays a vital role in our hair too since it is the fibrous protein that makes up the bulk of the hair shaft. Collagen helps to maintain the strength of the hair, and is involved in the growth process.

Individuals who suffer from receding hairline should up their intake of foods that high amounts of the amino acids that make up the proteins keratin and collagen. It is thought that these amino acids can improve the structural integrity of hair follicles, and promote faster growth.

Some of the most important amino acids required by keratin are methionine, lysine, cysteine, and arginine. To produce collagen, the body needs methionine, lysine, glycine and proline.

Improve the blood circulation to your head

This can be done using the following ways; use of Ginkgo Biloba supplement, performing certain exercises that invert the body and allow better blood flow to the scalp can encourage better hair growth and finally go for Scalp cleansing treatment to reduce skin tension and encourage blood flow to your hair follicles.

Excessive Hair Products

If you are used of applying excessive hair products since they facilitate accumulation of dirt that can enhance hairline receding but instead adopt gentle care product which are free from sulfate and parabens.

Exercise frequently

Regular exercise facilitates blood circulation and enhances adequate flow of oxygen to the scalp, thereby controlling hair from receding.

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