How to Kill Fruit Flies- Best Ways, Recipe, Gnats and Fruit Flies

If you are looking for information on how to kill fruit flies or how to kill gnats, you will get it here. You also learn about the natural fruit fly killer and the best way on how to kill fruit flies. Also contained are recipes on how to kill fruit flies.

vinegar fly trap

vinegar fly trap to kill fruit flies faster

How to Kill Fruit Flies – What Kills Fruit Flies

When there is a fruit fly infestation, the house can seem unbearable especially if they are in large amounts. Although these are most of the times harmless, they could be a health hazard if let to hover around for too long. This is why they ought to be eliminated. Discussed below is how to kill fruit flies as well as what kills fruit flies.

Vinegar trap: Since fruit flies are attracted to it due to its flavor, this is one of the traps that can be used to kill them. Get a jar and add to it some apple cider vinegar. If you are used an old jar, poke holes on its lid. In case no lid is available, fasten a plastic bag on its opening and perforate it. Do this for a number of jars and leave them lying around in the house. With this trap, the flies only manage to fly in but not out. Their inability to fly out is what kills fruit flies in the jar within a short time.

Insecticide: There also are some commercial products designed for extermination of fruit flies. These are available in local stores and come with instructions which should be followed. For effective elimination, ensure that instructions given are followed to the root.

Best Way to Kill Fruit Flies

When dealing with fruit flies, it is important to know that they tend to be found around areas with overripe and fermenting fruits. They also tend to lay eggs in such areas so that when they hatch the larvae can feed on the organic matter. With this in mind, the best way to kill fruit flies is by luring them to such areas with fruits. This will ensure that not only the mature flies are killed but that their eggs and larvae as well are gotten rid of.

One way to ensure this would be by setting a fruit trap. This ensures that they get onto their food from where one kills them. All that is required is to put some fruit in a vessel and cover it with a perforated bag. After a big part of their population has been captured, one can then deep them in soapy water to kill them.

A fruit trap on a surface can also be used for the purposes of killing them through suctioning. Leave a fruit lying around so the flies can get to it. Once a good number of them are on it, use a blow dryer of a vacuum cleaner to pull and kill them.

Recipe to Kill Fruit Flies

There are many recipes available online on how to kill fruit flies. These give detailed information and a step by step guidance on how to go about getting rid of the insects. The recipes could involve coming up with traps or homemade fruit fly sprays. With so much variety, one chooses what they want depending on appropriateness.

How to Kill Gnats and Fruit Flies

fly repellent

fly repellent

Both gnats and fruit flies are tiny insects which are in most cases harmless. They however are unpleasant when they infest a house. Fortunately, it is possible to employ some methods on how to kill gnats and fruit flies. These are easy to do and will yield great results.

Insect sprays: professional insect spray is one way to kill gnats and fruit flies instantly. These sprays are readily available in drug stores. All one needs to do is purchase one and get to spraying the affected areas. Be sure to follow the manufacturer instructions and take precaution.

Vegetable oil: This can be poured on the kitchen sink to catch the gnats and flies found around the kitchen sink. When the fly into it, they will remain stuck and die with time. This has to be repeated over and over again until all of them are gone.

Trap: A wine trap works to kill these two types of insects. Simply put some wine on a small jar and add some drops of dish soap. This will attract them and they will be stuck in it until they die since they cannot fly out.

How to Kill Fruit Flies in Plants

Fruit flies do not only affect surfaces but could also affect plants both indoors and outdoors. The moist areas where they get watered could serve as a great breeding ground for them. To get rid of them, stop watering the plants for a while until the top soil dries out. This will kill the larvae.  Another way to get rid of this plant infestation is to make an insect spray. Mix some dish soap with water and put them in a spray bottle. Spray on the soil, stem and leaves.

Natural Fruit Fly Killer

For people who do not want to contaminate their houses with chemical ridden fruit flies killer, it is possible make a natural fruit fly killer. There are a number of them from which one can pick the most suitable one. Some of these are as discussed below.

Milk trap

This uses more ingredients and not just milk. You will need some milk, raw sugar and ground pepper.

  • Put a cup of milk into a bowl with a wide mouth. Add some sugar and two tablespoons of pepper.
  • Stir so that the ingredients dissolve in the milk.
  • Add three drops of dish soap

Within no time, the flies will be attracted to the mixture and will end up drowning in it. The soap ensures that once they land they do not fly out but instead sink.

Fruit trap

how to kill fruit flies

how to kill fruit flies

Fruits can easily lure fruit flies. Ripe or rotting fruits are used in this case. One will need a jar, some fruits a plastic bag and soapy water.

  • Put some ripe or rotting fruit in a jar
  • Use a rubber band to fasten the plastic bag around the jar.
  • Poke some holes on the top using a sharp object. This could be a pin or tooth pick.
  • Replicate this with a number of jars and place them strategically
  • Once enough flies gather in the jar, submerge it in soapy water so they die.

Apple cider vinegar

The fruity smell of vinegar is a great attraction for fruit flies. To make it have a greater than normal fragrance, heat the apple cider vinegar beforehand.

  • Pour some warm vinegar in a jar
  • Add a few drops of liquid dish washing soap
  • Make a paper funnel and place it on the rim of the jar
  • The flies will find their way into the vinegar but no way out.
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