Fruit Flies in House – How to Catch, Get Rid and Kill them

When there are fruit flies in house and its environs, they can be a nuisance. Fortunately, there are many ways on how to get rid of fruit flies in the house. This can be done either by catching them or killing them. Once there are none left, the next task is to prevent house flies from getting into the house.

how to trap and kill fruit flies in the house

how to trap fruit flies in the house

Fruit Flies in House

Although these insects can invade a place any time of the year, fruit flies in house and its surroundings are most common during summer. They have a life cycle that is short but within which their reproduction rate is high. They start off from eggs and go through various stages into adulthood.

Their main attraction in the house is fermenting fruit. However, they could lay their eggs in any moist areas such as wet mops and rags, garbage bin or any part that is slimy. The flies do not have to fly into the house. At times, they get into the house from the grocery stores in the form of eggs. If the fruits or vegetables containing them are not washed and refrigerated, the flies develop into maturity.

Where this is not the case, the flies may be attracted into the house by some ripe fruits. These include bananas, pineapples, melons and the like. The fermenting and rotting fruit are capable of attracting them from far. Since they are tiny in size, they could get in even through the slightest crevices.

To get rid of the flies, one needs to start by searching for what it is that is attracting them. This should be eliminated. Once done, the mature flies should then be trapped and exterminated. This may take a while for all of them to be gone.

Fruit Flies in My House – What Attracts Fruit Flies in a House

Are you experiencing a fruit fly infestation and wondering; “what attracts fruit flies in my house?” There are a number of things that could attract fruit flies in a house. These include:

Rotting fruits and vegetables: Fruit flies feed on micro-organisms found around rotting fruits and vegetables. This is as opposed to popular belief that they feed on fruits. The flies can be attracted by cut outs that have been thrown in the garbage can as well.

Sweet Drinks: When wines and fruit juices are left after they spill over surfaces, they are capable of attracting flies. Fruits cans and wine bottles with some remnants could as well attract them.

Leaking and moist areas: Fruit flies in house can be found in the bathrooms. This is more so if there are any moist clothes lying around. Leaking drains also attract them. Mops, rags and clothes that are not dry too could attract the flies in this part of the house.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the House – How to Eliminate Fruit Flies in the House

vinegar fruit lies trap in the house

how to trap fruit flies with vineger

There are different ways on how to get rid of fruit flies in the house. The various methods eliminate the fruit flies from the house without much effort. To begin with, one ought to identify where their breeding ground is. This will most probably be in ripe fruits left lying unrefrigerated, on the garbage can and any other moist place such as bathroom drains, living areas with spilled over drinks and left over foods. Once these are identified, one has to get rid of them to ensure that any eggs and larvae are eliminated.

After the initial stages of the fruit flies have been eliminated, the next step should be getting rid of mature flies. This can be done by setting up traps using vinegar, wine and rotting fruits. The idea is to lure them into a trap that they cannot get out of. There also are ways of getting rid of the through direct killing. These involve the use of insecticides, suctioning them or using irritants.

How to Catch Fruit Flies in House

One great method on how to catch fruit flies in house is by setting up a fruit fly trap. There are different forms of traps using different ingredients that are effective in eliminating these flies. Some of these traps include:

Rotten Fruits: Overripe or rotting fruits can act as a great fruit fly trap since these are mostly what attract them into the house in the first place. Put a rotting fruit in a vessel and cover its top with a perforated plastic bag or paper foil. The perforations should be small enough to provide entry but no exit. This will leave the fruits trapped in.

Wine: Due to the fermented state of wine, fruit flies easily get attracted to it. This can be used to catch flies. You can catch the flies using a wine bottle or a glass. When using a bottle, leave some bit of wine in it. You could also put some in a glass and cover it using a perforated foil. Leave these around where there are flies. They get fly into the bottle and the glass of wine but have no way of getting out.

Vinegar: This is the most common fruit flies catcher. To use this for trapping the flies, put some in a vessel. Add some dish washing liquid to ensure they don’t survive. Make a funnel cover for it and perforate it. This can be made using the corners of a plastic bag.

How to Kill Flies in Your House

how to prevent flies in the house - venus plant

Venus fly trap plant

One method on how to get rid of fruit flies in your house is by killing them. This gets rid of the mature flies which are in most cases the major source of trouble. Among some of the methods on how to kill flies in your house include:

Use a sticky swatter: Due to their small size, fruit flies in house are hard to swat. However, this can be solved if we use a sticky swatter. This is easy to make as all one needs to do is coat a Styrofoam plate with cooking spray. When swatting the flies, they get stuck on the oil and die on it.

Blow dryer: If the fruit flies are concentrated in one place, a blow dryer is enough to kill them. The blow dryer should be turned on in a way that the air is being blow away from them. The othe side of the dryer will suction them and suck them in to the dryer. Once in the heat will burn them so you will not have to worry.

Burning Incense: The respiratory system of the fruit flies is small and delicate. For them to survive, they need a constant supply of fresh air. When they inhale irritants, they kill them. When one burns incense, the flies respiratory system gets irritated and they slowly die.

Vacuum cleaner: This works with a fruit trap. To concentrate them in one place, place a ripe fruit such as banana or pineapple at a strategic point. After they have settled for awhile, suck them up and dispose the dead flies.

How to Prevent Fruit Flies in House

When it comes to dealing with fruit flies, the saying that prevention is better that cure is so  true. If you make your house unfriendly for them, they will not invade. Strart off by proper and regular disposal of garbage. Also ensure that supplies from outside are washed and refrigerated where necessary. Get rid of all things that may cause moisture retention. Keep utensils clean as well as the rest of the house.

Spray for Fruit Flies in House

To get rid of them, one can use an insecticide spray. There are many different brands meant for this from which one can choose from. To ensure you pick the best, do some research on what spray works best on them.

Best Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in House

Although different options have been given on how to eliminate fruit flies from the house, it is best to do it systematically. The best way to get rid of them is by first identifying their breeding grounds and eliminating them. After this deal with the visible flies until there are none left. This ensures no laid eggs are left behind as these would lead to a re-infestation.

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