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What causes acne on the back? Does it lead to scarring? What are the types of back acne scars?

What is back acne? This refers to a kind of a skin problem or condition during which the skin’s sebaceous glands gets clogged up by dead skin cells and too much sebum, making it ideal for bacteria to develop and grow.

Back acne is grouped into

  • Non-inflammatory which is mild acne and can come in the form of whiteheads or blackheads.
  • Inflammatory this is a moderate type of acne. It includes the appearance of papules, pustules and macules.
  • Cystic is a severe form of acne that causes the appearance of cysts and nodules. Oftentimes, cystic acne can lead to scarring.

Acne on your back can be considered as a severe type of acne that can lead to scarring.

What causes acne scars on back

According to, acne scars “occurs in areas where past cystic blemish lesions were present. This means that even without picking your pimple, acne scar can happen if your acne condition is severe”.

It is simply a post-inflammatory effect during change which your skin goes through a remodeling and healing process. “But if the color change or defect did not fade after a year, then it can be considered as a permanent defect or scar” []

Scars normally occur whenever your tissues get damaged. On account of skin break out, the development of microorganisms and overabundance oil in your follicles causes such a harm.

As a reaction, the body conveys white platelets and fiery atoms to the harmed cells. It remains there for half a month to permit affected cells to mend and to avert facilitates contamination.

Regularly, the harmed tissue will come back to its previous state. Be that as it may, there are examples where your follicle divider is so harmed or there may be a greater contamination in the more profound skin layers. If so, it can lead to tissue misfortune and lasting scarring. Consequently, skin breaks out scars.

Types of acne scar on your back

  • Atrophic

This is for the most part shallow. In light of the skin tissue loss, it will make a hollowed or scarred look on the affected skin.

  • Boxcar-shaped acne scars

Boxcar shaped is sort of skin breaks out scar is more often than not oval or round fit as a fiddle with steeply calculated sides. It resembles looks more extensive than those of ice pick type of scars, thus the hollowed appearance.

  • Ice-picked shaped scars

They are deeper and much narrower scars, which often go much deeper into your skin dermis. From how it is referred do, you can deduct this acne scar looks like your skin has been piercing using a sharp object or an ice pick. 

  • Hypertrophic also called keloid scars types 

At the point when your skin delivers excessively collagen amid the recuperating procedure, a raised bump made of a mass mde of tissue can be formed. Be that as it may, raised scars may not be very extremely basic on skin break out scars but rather it can even now happen.

  • Rolling scars

Just like this scar type name infers, moving scars often forms wave-like or rolling appearance on the affected part of your skin. This will end up pulling your epidermis and tying it on a more deeper skin structures, thus the moving look.

What Causes Back Acne in Females and Males?

Though ladies have a tendency to experience the ill effects of face skin break out, bacne has an amazing higher predominance in men than ladies.

A portion of the reasons for back skin break out in men is nothing other than hereditary qualities, hormonal changes, skin break out mechanica, eating regimen and waxing.

Correspondingly, causes back skin break out in females incorporate pregnancy, hereditary qualities, menstrual cycles, hormonal unevenness particularly if went with light or unpredictable periods and unnecessary body hairs, skin break out mechanica, polycystic ovary disorder, and so forth.

Remove Acne Scars On Back Fast

Most of these approaches can also be used to remove scars on your body and face.  So, what are some of the common back acne scar treatments you should consider?

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion

In dermabrasion, for more extreme scars, a fine wire brush is spun on your skin surface to expel skin break out scars by scraped spot. Then again, in the event that they are less extreme, microdermabrasion is utilized where gems are blown onto your skin to rub the surface of your skin.

Compound peels for back skin break out scar evacuation

They can manage less serious bacne scars. A synthetic is connected on your skin, frequently trichloroacetic corrosive or glycolic corrosive and after that peeled away, expelling some skin scar tissues with it.

Laser treatment prior and then afterward

For mellow and direct skin break out scars on your back, either ablative or non-ablative laser treatment might be utilized.

Punch methods

This will be critical in the event that you have freight car scars or ice picks scars where punch extraction (for gentle ice pick scars treatment), rise (for treat train unit scars medications) and joining (when you have profound ice pick scars) might be utilized.


This is a surgical strategy or procedure can cure moving back skin break out scars. It may require extra medications particularly laser and dermabrasion to manage scars.

Topical auto medicines items – creams, gels and moisturizers

There are various creams, moisturizers, arrangements and gels, which can help, lessen appearance of mellow to respectably extreme skin break out scars on your back

Cystic Acne on Back

Here and there, you may wind up with cystic back skin inflammation. These are the most exceedingly bad kind of skin break out to have on your back since the contamination goes further into your skin and it is regularly difficult. They can likewise influence our neck particularly back of the neck, trunk and shoulder regions.

The causes cystic skin inflammation on back are nothing other than what we have recently observed particularly hormonal changes (amid pubescence, pregnancy, menstrual cycle and menopause) and a few medications you may utilize.

It is prudent to guarantee you get treatment since they can bring about genuine scarring particularly substantial pits, sorrows, ice picks and hypertrophic scarring.

Cystic skin break out on back medicines incorporate anti-conception medication, isotretinoin, Spironolactone, remedy quality gels, salves and creams, steroid infusions and oral anti-toxins. Once in a while seepage and extraction may be performed if your skin break out does not react to medications.

White Scars on Back From Acne

White scars can show up on the skin for a few reasons. They are the aftereffect of harm to the skin that has brought about a staining of the skin or lost shade. These white scars can come in different shapes and sizes and are most remarkably the leftover impacts of skin break out.

White scars can be dealt with through straightforward topical strategies at home and through more genuine techniques in a dermatologist’s office.

Here are steps on how to minimize white scars on back;

  1. Wash the scarred region, utilizing a hydroxyl corrosive chemical. Hydroxyl acids help in skin cell recovery; pushing new skin cells to all the more rapidly supplant scarred cells. Notwithstanding chemicals, you can likewise discover hydroxyl acids in toners, moisturizers and creams.
  2. Peel your skin, utilizing a facial or body clean. With normal peeling, your skin can restore itself all the more promptly. Surface skin cells are sloughed away to uncover fresher cells underneath. Shed your scarred skin at any rate twice week after week to enhance the presence of the scars.
  3. Get compound peels. A skincare expert is required for this: they will apply chemicals to the scarred range. The chemicals will respond with your skin, successfully consuming with smoldering heat the top layers. Despite the fact that the zone will be crude after the peel, it will look more youthful and less harmed after it recuperates. With rehashed peels, you can limit white skin break out scars.


  1. Have microdermabrasion performed on your white skin break out scars. This extraordinary peeling process includes an expert utilizing a little gadget to buff away the top layers of your skin. After treatment, your skin will look more youthful and smoother, and your skin break out scars will be less perceptible.
  2. Converse with your dermatologist about laser medicines. Laser light is powerful to remove scars, including white skin break out scars. The light separates scar tissue and consumes with extreme heat the top layers of skin to uncover more youthful skin underneath. Generally, progressions of medicines are important to completely expel scars.
  3. Rub your scars day by day for around two minutes. Knead expands course, helping supplements and blood achieve the scarred range all the more effortlessly. This guides the mending procedure.

Acne Scars On Back Pictures

Skin break out scarring is a typical spin-off of serious provocative or cystic skin break out. It can introduce in a gentle or cosmetically distorting structure.

The best version of skin break out scarring is forceful treatment of skin inflammation vulgaris at the season of introduction, including, when proper, isoretinoin. Skin break out scars have a few assortments including atrophic, ice-pick, rolling, and freight car scars.

Medications shift as indicated by the kind of scar being dealt with. Seen here are erythematous profound skin inflammation scars.

Acne Scars On Back Cream

The following is a list of skin care products that helps to get rid of acne scars on back and any other parts of our body. They include:

  • TonyMoly Painting Therapy Blue Pack
  • Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Masque Acne Treatment Masque
  • Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores
  • L’Oreal Paris Skin Care Pure-Clay Mask

Note: It is recommended to visit you dermatologist so that he or she can suggest the best skin care cream that cannot cause back skin irritation due to allergy.

Acne Scars On Back Natural Treatment

While there are numerous business medications, natural cures are the most secure for curing bacne scars and keeping bacne from repeating.

Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil

Tea tree oil has germ-free, hostile to bacterial, corrective, and against parasitic properties. Olive oil is a characteristic lotion which blurs scars.

  • Pour 5 – 6 drops of tea tree oil on a wet washcloth.
  • Utilize a back scratcher or your hands to knead the influenced territory with the washcloth.
  • When it is consumed by the skin, pour a tablespoon of olive oil on a moment wet washcloth.
  • Utilize a back scratcher or your hands to knead the influenced territory with the washcloth.
  • Leave for 5 minutes then Use a dry washcloth to wipe the overabundance oil on the skin.
  • Rehash 3 times day by day for best outcomes.

Lemon Juice

Lemon contains citrus extract which helps scars and vitamin C which helps the skin recover new cells.

  • Wash your back with warm water and pat dry with a towel.
  • Utilize a cotton ball to apply crisp lemon juice to the influenced region.
  • Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Flush with water.
  • Rehash frequently to treat skin inflammation scars.

Note: Apply sunscreen to the treated territory in the event of sun introduction as lemon juice makes skin additional touchy.

Sandalwood and Rose Water

The antimicrobial and cicatruzant properties of sandalwood help to alleviate skin and blur scars. Rose water sustains skin.

  • Blend sandalwood powder and rose water to make a glue.
  • Apply to the influenced territory before bed.
  • Leave overnight and flush with water the following morning.
  • Rehash routinely for best outcomes.

Note: you can likewise utilize the sandalwood with drain, glycerin, turmeric, lime squeeze, more full’s earth, tea tree oil, cucumber juice, almonds, dark gram flour, buttermilk, cereal, tomatoes and so forth., to blur the back skin inflammation scars.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple juice vinegar has sterile and mitigating properties that mend dead skin cells.

  • Blend break even with amounts of apple juice vinegar and water.
  • Apply the answer for the scars utilizing a cotton ball.
  • Leave for 1 – 2 hours.
  • Wash with tepid water.

Note: Applying vinegar specifically on the scars without weakening it can bring about bothering.

 Tomato Pulp

Tomato is acidic in nature and goes about as a characteristic blanching operator, blurring scars.

  • Tenderly rub a tomato piece on the influenced region.
  • Leave for 15 minutes.
  • Flush with water.
  • Rehash frequently for best outcomes.
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