11 Ways to Balance Your Armpit Bacteria and Seriously Minimize Body Odor

I am pretty sure you will support me when I say that body odor is something offensive and embarrassing to many of us, and the only option left is finding an effective way to combat bad body odor.

Before we go deeper, it is important you note that deodorants and artificial-scented sprays do not help get rid of body odor, they only mask the odor. So, which is the best way to get rid of body odor?

Okay, natural methods which I am about to unleash to you are the best way to get rid of body odor. This is because they work from the inside and also improves your  overall health. These natural methods have proved that balancing the armpit bacteria greatly minimizes body odor.

For that reason, I have created you a comprehensive list of 11 ways to balance your armpit bacteria and seriously minimize body odor.

11 Ways To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria and Seriously Minimize Body Odor

11 Ways To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria and Seriously Minimize Body Odor


What Causes Body Odor?

Naturally, there are a lot of processes happening in your body, and some of these processes use the skin pores to excrete waste from the body in the formof sweat. And by the way, sweat does not smell; unless you have taken foods that are very poignant.

When sweat glands extract sweat, your armpits become damp, and bacteria find a better place to thrive. These bacteria will work on the sweat and cause the bad odor. With that said, we can comfortably conclude that body odor is mainly caused by bacterial activities.

11 Ways to Balance Your Armpit Bacteria and Seriously Minimize Body Odor.

We all agree that bacteria is the main cause of body odor, right? So, learning how
to balance your armpit bacteria is the most effective way to get rid of bad body odor fast and naturally. Here are the 11 top ways you can use to balance your armpit bacteria and seriously minimize body odor.

1. Stay Away from Aluminum

Aluminum is a major ingredient in beauty products since it claims to reduce sweating. However, aluminum has been accused to be associated with numerous long-term health issues and complications. Therefore, be sure to double check a product’s
ingredients before purchasing.

2. Avoid Crystal Deodorant

The reason why I am advising you to avoid crystal deodorants is that they are the
most prone to aluminum. Most of the crystal deodorants claim to be aluminum
free, but they still contain an ingredient named alum’.

This ingredient is basically potassium aluminum sulfate which makes these crystal
deodorants not to be 100% aluminum-free.

3. Detoxify Your Body

Like I had mentioned earlier, body odor is as a result of sweat exuded from the body
through the skin pores which later trigger the action of bacteria. So, to ensure that whatever is exuded from your body does not easily trigger bacteria, consider detoxifying your body.

Detoxifying your body is not a complex process, just involving yourself in cleansing
routines and incorporating detox foods in your diet is pretty enough.

4. Shower regularly

Taking a shower at least once a day is also an effective method of balancing your
armpit bacteria. It works by limiting the bacteria population on your skin, and the next time you sweat; it will take time for the bacteria to multiply and course body odor.

When taking a shower, focus on the troublesome areas like the armpits, feet and private parts.

5. Use Mild Soaps to Shower

We have seen how showering helps balance your armpit bacteria hence reducing body odor. Conversely, it is recommended that you shower using mild soaps.

This is because soaps equipped with strong surfactants like SDS and SLS remove the
protective sebum together with its fats which protects the skin. This unleashes a good environment for bacteria to thrive.

6. Be Cautious On Strong Antibacterials

Strong antibacterials contain high doses of as triclosan and parabens. These two
components have a great destabilizing effect on skin and especially the armpit.
This destabilization fuels bad body odor as it favors micro-biome activities which cause bad body odor.

So, always take caution when using strong antibacterials.

7. Dry your Body Properly

Drying your body properly after showering helps reduce the risk of bacteria
infestation. This is because bacteria multiply best on damp areas, and since you have completely reduced dampness on the skin, there is no conducive environment for the bacteria to thrive.

Always pat dry your body properly every time you bathe.

8. Using Vinegar

Did you know that you could use the antiseptic properties that vinegar holds to
balance your armpit bacteria and seriously minimize body odor?

According to a research done at Vinegar Institute, vinegar is a natural antiseptic that
will help get rid of bacteria and fungi present on the skin surface.

To get rid of bad body odor fast and naturally using vinegar, all you need to do
is spritz some apple cider or white vinegar on your armpit and wipe it off.

9. Consider Changing your Diet

Body odor can also be caused by the foods you ingest. Some foods such as garlic,
curry, and cumin are poignant enough for their smell to find a way in your system and later extracted through the skin pores.

To add on that, caffeine and sugar imbalance also alters your perspiration process
which can cause body odor. So, limiting the use of these foods and caffeine based products such as coffee, chocolate, and cola will help get rid of body odor fast and naturally.

10. Drink Plenty of Water

One of the reasons why you will suffer from bad body odor is because you don’t
drink the 8 glasses of water recommended in a day. Drinking plenty of water is
an effective way of detoxifying your body, and as we had said earlier, detoxification helps curb bad body odor.

Consuming plenty of water also keeps the eccrine sweat glands active which dilutes
apocrine perspiration hence reducing body odor.

11. Use Boric Acid

If you can easily access boric acid, then, body odor should not worry you anymore.
Boric acid offers one of the best ways to punish body odor by slowing down the spread of odor-causing bacteria.

This acid is relatively cheap and effective. However, be warned that using too much
of it will irritate the skin.

Final Verdict 

Well, those are the 11 ways to balance your armpit bacteria and seriously minimize
body odor. So, if body odor is your nightmare, practice some of them and
experience the magic.

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